Cornish Language Learning Hints

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  1. Join an An Kylgh Kernewek class!
  2. Visit to look for resources.
  3. Come to one of the Yeth an Werin groups.
  4. Listen to Elizabeth Stewart's news at 5pm on Sundays on BBC Radio Cornwall or on iPlayer. The transcript can be found on the BBC Radio Cornwall Facebook page.
  5. Listen to Matthi ab Dewi's Cornish language podcast each week.
  6. Increase your fluency by using Say Something in Cornish, the Cornish version of the very successful Say Something in Welsh.
  7. Sign up to Kevren - the Cornish Language Office newsletter. Email
  8. Join the Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek for monthly Cornish language magazines. Agan Tavas also publishes journals three or four times a year.
  9. Never worry about mistakes. Cornish speakers make them all the time and it almost never affects communication.
  10. If you do not understand what a Cornish speaker says, ask! Say ' Ynwedh arta, mar pleg' (Again please) or 'Pyth yw henna yn Sowsnek?' (What is that in English?)
  11. Stay in Cornish as far as possible, even if the Cornish speaker turns to English.
  12. Greet everyone you meet in Cornish: Myttin da (good morning).... Dydh da (good day).... You'll be surprised how many people answer in Cornish!
  13. Use the Cornish for please (mar pleg) and thank you (meur ras) in shops and business.
  14. Try to read some Cornish regularly, however basic.
  15. Keep a diary in Cornish. Ask a tutor or another Cornish speaker to check the language in it if you want.
  16. Keep a small notebook or use your tablet to make a note of new vocabulary as you meet it. Read through your entries when you have a spare moment in the day.
  17. Read about the development of the Cornish language and talk to other people about the importance of Cornish.
  18. Be aware of Cornish placenames and bi-lingual road names. There are several useful books on the subject.
  19. Don't give up. Even if your Cornish learning goes on the back burner during busy times, spend at least a few minutes a week reminding yourself of what you know.